Brave and Safe Space Norms

What is Brave and Safe Space

Recognizing that all conference participants have unique backgrounds, this space is created to be inclusive of all lived experiences. With an emphasis on positivity, non-judgment, and confidentiality, this is a space for learning and challenging ourselves. Facilitators and presenters may guide conversation; however, they will provide information, not impose their own views. 

Grounding Norms

  • We respect each other. We validate the experiences, feelings and ideas of others.
  • We engage in collaborative dialogue. Disagreement is likely, however we will ask questions and keep an open mind, listening to the views of others.
  • We will use “I” statements to speak for ourselves, not for our general identity groups.
  • We will mistakes in service of growth and progress. When we make mistakes, we must acknowledge them.
  • We assume good intentions.
  • We have the right to remove session participants making hateful statements or causing harm to others.
  • We prioritize self-care. All participants have the right to step back or disengage from activities or dialogue that lead to discomfort.
  • We will not have the answers to every question, nor will our facilitators or presenters. However, we will do our best to answer all questions appropriately.